Ms. Shakila D.

Assistant Professor

Department of ECE

Research Area

  • Power Electronics
  • Linear Integrated Circuits


Ms. Shakila D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of ECE. Her academic interests include Power Electronics, Linear Integrated circuits, MEMS, HDL. In addition to her interest in academics, she also focuses on research  in the area of Power electronics.

She holds a B.E. degree in ECE from Kuvempu University and an M.Tech. degree in Digital electronics from the VTU .She has participated in various workshops and faculty development  programs held by various colleges.

She has around 17 years of teaching experience and is associated with Cambridge Institute of Technology from 2010.

Guided B.E. and M.Tech students in their seminars and project dissertations.

Guided Students to complete Mini projects in Linear integrated Circuits.

Academic Degrees

  • M.Tech, Digital ELectronics, CMRIT,VTU, 2010
  • B.E., Electronics & Communication Engineering,AIT, Kuvempu University,2000



  • Delivered a Guest lecture on “Commutation Techniques” at HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore
  • Delivered a Guest lecture on “Transducers” at HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore
  • Two days FDP on “Analog system design using ASLK Pro


  • Disaggregation of SW &HW in networking – Trends.
  • Satellite Automation.
  • Telemedicine ,IOT & Nanoscience.
  • Product development & Challenges.
  • Cyber Security.
  • Machine learning,Digital Twins & Self organized methods.
  • Satellite & Telecom Network.
  • Design of Analog layout & opportunities & Challenges in Semiconductor domain.
  • Interrogation in MEMS,NEMS & Nanotechnology.
  • Impact of AI during Pandemic times.
  • IOT Simulation using
  • Satellite image processing feature extraction.
  • RF Domain using ANSYS HFSS.
  • Funding opportunities- Proposals & research projects for faculty.
  • Defect assisted atomic orbital overlap engineering in 2D materials resulting in high performance transistors.


  • “SMART HELMET ” , Proceedings of International Journal of Engineering Research, Volume No.5 Issue: Special 5, pp: 1092 -1094, ISSN:2319-6890)(online),2347-5013(print)

  • “SCOUT ROBOT FOR SURVEILLANCE”, Proceedings of International Journal of Engineering Research, Volume No.5 Issue: Special 5, pp: 1080 -1083, ISSN: 2319-6890)(online),2347-5013(print)