Dr. Basavaraju.C


Department of ECE

Research Area

  • Digital Signal Processing


Dr.Basavaraju.C is Professor in the Department of ECE. His academic interests include Digital Signal Processing, Signals and Systems and Digital Communication. In addition to his academic interest, he also focuses on research in the area of Signal processing.

He holds a B.E. degree in ECE from Mysore University and an M.E degree in ECE from the Satyabhama Deemed University, Chennai and Ph.D. in ECE under Sunrise University, Alwar. He has participated in various workshops and faculty development programs held by various colleges.

He has around 21 years of teaching experience and is associated with Cambridge Institute of Technology from June 2015.

Guided B.E, M.Tech students and Ph.D. Scholars in their seminars and project dissertations.

Published around 100 videos on Signals & Systems ,AC lab and  few motivational videos to the students on you tube channel.

Academic Degrees

  • Completed Ph.D.,Sunrise University,Alwar,YEAR-2017
  • M.E, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Satyabhama University,Chennai, YEAR 2004.
  • B.E,Electronics & Communication Engineering , Mysore University,YEAR 1999.

Awards and Honors

  • Awarded as “ Most Promising IEEE Student Branch “,for Cambrindge  Institute of Technology  for the outstanding contribution as Branch Counsellor in the year 2019 with a cash prize of Rs 2500/-.



  • Conducted workshop on Embedded Systems in JVIT in 2008.
  • Conducted two days workshop in DBIT on “Renewable Energy Resources” on 2006 at JNT Auditorium, IISC, and Bangalore.
  • Conducted two days workshop on Signal Processing as a Resource person, in 2011 at East-West College of Engineering.
  • Conducted two days workshop on Signal Processing as a Resource person, in 2011 at City Engineering College
  • Conducted two days workshop on “MATLAB for beginners “ in 2017 for ECE 4th sem students as a Resource person in Cambridge Institute of Technology.
  • students Conducted five days workshop on “MATLAB for beginners “ in 2019 for all branches as a Resource person in Cambridge Institute of Technology.


  • Attended seminars on Recent trends in VLSI Processing, in East west college of Engineering on August 2014.
  • Attended workshop on Signal Processing as a resource person, East-West College of Engineering. City Engineering College and AMC College.
  • Attended workshop on “Application of Embedded Systems in today’s world “ on July 2010 at New Horizon College of Engineering ,Bangalore.
  • Attended workshop on “ MATLAB Applications for real time projects” in DBIT on November 2011.
  • Attended workshop on “Latex Technology “ in VVIET,Mysore on 2012
  • Attended five day workshop on “ Machine Learning and deep learning”in MVJ College of Engineering ,June 2019.
  • Attended five day workshop on “IoT based embedded systems ” on July 2019 in Cambridge Institute of Technology


List of Journal Publications:


  1. Basavaraju.C, Dr C.RamSingla,” Module and Logical study of EMG Signal Communication for Determination and Classification in Biomedical Signal Processing”, International Journal of Advances in Arts, Sciences and Engineering(ijoaase.com), Volume 4 Issue 9,Sep 2016, ISSN. 2320-6144.
  2. Basavaraju.C, Dr C.RamSingla,” Reviewed Study for Determination and Classification in Signal Processing”, Airo International Research Journal Volume V, ISSN: 2320-3714 March 2016.
  3. Basavaraju.C, Dr.Chandrakanth.H.G,” SCF Based Cyclostationary Spectrum          Detection for mobile radio signals”, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering  Research(IJSER),Volume 4,Issue 4,April 2013 (ISSN 2229 –5518).
  4. Basavaraju.C, Dr.Chandrakanth.H.G, Archana.K ”Analysis & Implementation of Efficient GMSK Modulation in Spectrum Sensing”, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering  Research(IJSER),Volume 4,Issue 8,August 2013 (ISSN 2229 – 5518).
  5. Basavaraju.C, Dr.Chandrakanth.H.G,” Analysis of Spectrum based Approach for Detection of Mobile Signals”, International Journal Of Electronics & Communication Engineering & Technology (IJECET),Volume 5, Issue 11,Novembert 2014(ISSN 0976-6464).
  6. Basavaraju.C, Dr.Chandrakanth.H.G,” Modeling of Spectrum Peak based Technique for Spectrum Sensing”, International Journal Of Scientific &  Research Publications (IJSRP), Volume 5 , Issue 1, Jan 2014 (ISSN 2250-3153).
  7. Basavaraju.C, Dr.Chandrakanth.H.G,” Analysis of FFT based Spectrum Detection Model using Modified Periodogram Algorithm”, International Journal Of Science &  Research (IJSR),Volume 4, Issue 1, Jan 2015 (ISSN 2319-7064).
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  9. Basavaraju.C, Dr.Chandrakanth.H.G, “Constellation Technique Based Modeling & Analysis of Signal Detection in Spectrum Sensing”, Technology Spectrum Journal (TSJ – 2015) (ISSN 0974-6854).

 List of Publications in Conferences:

  1. Basavaraju.C, Dr.Chandrakanth.H.G, ”Implementation of  Goertzel Algorithm on Spectrum Sensing”, Presented & Published in International Conference on Current Trends in Engineering & Management (ICCTEM – 2012), at VVCE ,Mysore, March July12-14,2012,p.no.16-20.
  2. Basavaraju.C, Dr.Chandrakanth H.G, ”Cyclostationary Spectral Analysis  approach to Spectrum Sensing for Mobile radio signals”, National Conference on Advanced Communication Trends ACT-2012 at Rajarajeshwari College of Engineering, Bangalore on August 23-24, 2012,p.no 224-228.
  3. Basavaraju.C,Dr.Chandrakanth.H.G,” Cyclostationary approach of Goertzel Algorithm on Spectrum Sensing”, National Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies at AISSMS College of Engineering, Pune on March19-21,2012,p.no10-14.
  4. Basavaraju.C, Dr.Chandrakanth H.G,” A Low cost extendable frame work for Embedded Smart Car security System.” National Conference on Trends in Embedded Systems at SJBIT, Bangalore on April 2011.
  5. Basavaraju.C, Dr.Chandrakanth H.G,”Optimization of power distribution based on Smart Grid technology”, National Conference on Embedded Systems at VVIT, Mysore on March 2011.
  6. Basavaraju.C, Dr.Chandrakanth H.G, “Development of 8PSK Model using Scattered Constellation Point approach in Spectrum Sensing”, International Conference on MeDitartian Conference on Information & Communication Technologies, Morroco, Russia, May 7-9, 2015.     
  7. Basavaraju.C, Shalini.V.S, ”A Survey on optimal resource allocation in multi carrier wireless system”, National Conference on Technological Advancements in Engineering at SreeNarayana Guru College of Engineering & Technology, Chalakode P.O, Payyanur, Kannur ,Kerala, on 27th,28th March 2015.