Ms. Varalatchoumy M

Associate Professor

Research Area



Ms. Varalatchoumy is an Associate Professor in the Department of CSE. Her academic interests include Data mining, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Database Management systems, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Software Architecture, Data Structures. In addition to her interest in academics, she also focuses on research  in the area of Image processing.

She holds a B.Tech. degree in CSE from Pondicherry University and an M.Tech degree in CSE from the Visvesvaraya Technological University ,and currently pursuing Ph.D under Visvesvaraya Technological University. She participated in various workshops and faculty development  programs held by various colleges.

She has around 12.6 years of teaching experience and is associated with Cambridge Institute of Technology since 2018.

Guided B.E. and M.Tech students in their seminars and project dissertations.

Academic Degrees

  • Pursuing Ph.D., VTU
  • M.Tech, Computer Science and Engineering, VTU, 2010
  • B.Tech., Information Science and Engineering, VTU,2003

Awards and Honors

  • Awarded as College Topper in B.Tech
  • Awarded as Departmental Topper in M.Tech
  • Received “Award of Excellence” in B.Tech from Education Minister of Pondicherry
  • Awarded” EXCELLENCE AWARD” in all semesters of  PG, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering
  • BEST PAPER AWARDfor “Data Security in Cloud using Decentralized Access Control, Anonymus Authentication and RSA based Encryption” at the 12th IRF International Conference held at Bangalore
  • Received Letter of Appreciation for the academic year 2015-16, from the management of BNMIT



International Journals

  • Sanjeev P Gudisagar and Varalatchoumy.M, “Attribute Based Data Sharing Scheme to Solve Key Escrow Problem in Cloud Computing”, International Journal of Trend in Research and Development(IJTRD),Volume 4(3), ISSN:2394-9333,May-June 2017
  • Varalatchoumy.M, ”Data Security In Clouds Using Decentralized Access Control, Anonymous Authentication And RSA Based Encryption”, International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science,        ISSN: 2393-2835, Volume-2, Issue-7, July-2015
  • Varalatchoumy.M, “A Secure Dynamic Search Scheme for Encrypted Data on Cloud with Access Control”, International Journal of Modern Engineering and Research (IJMER), ISSN: 2249-6645, Vol 6, Iss.7, July 2016
  • Mrs.Varalatchoumy.M and Dr.Ravishankar, “Identification of Stages of Malignant Tumor in MRM images using Level Set Algorithm and Textural Analysis “ has been published in Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Springer 2016
  • Mrs.Varalatchoumy.M and Dr.Ravishankar, “A Novel Approach Towards Detection and Identification of Stages of Breast Cancer” has been published in Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, Springer 2016
  • Shalini and Varalatchoumy.M, “Multi Resolution Image Fusion using Haar Wavelet”, CiiT international Journal of Digital Image Processing, Volume 5,No 4, April 2013
  • Prakruthi and Varalatchoumy.M, “Detecting malicious Beacon nodes for Secure Localization in Distributed Wireless Networks”, IET, DOI:10.1049/ic.2011.0081 Publication year:2011, Pages:206-208

International Conferences

  • ”Detecting malicious Beacon Nodes for Secure Localization”, in Third International Conference on Advances in Recent Technologies in Communication and Computing, organized by ARTCom, held at REVA ITM Campus – Bangalore, 2011
  • “Real time Correction of Fisheye Distorted Images”, International Conference on Emerging Trends in ENGINEERING (ICETE’12), organized by NMAM Institute of Technology – Bangalore, 2011
  • “Security Attacks and Defensive Technologies in MANETs”,  International Conference on Computer Applications (ICCA 2012), Organized by Techno Forum Group – Pondicherry, 2012
  • “Survey of Multi Sensor Image Fusion Algorithms”, International Conference on Recent Trends in Computer and Computational Sciences (RETCOMP’13), PESIT, Bangalore South Campus, 11th-13th January 2013
  • Mrs.Varalatchoumy.M, “Data Security in Cloud using Decentralized Access Control, Anonymus Authentication and RSA based Encryption” has been presented at the 12th IRF International Conference held at Bengaluru, India on 17th May,2015.(Received Excellent Paper Award)
  • Mrs.Varalatchoumy.M, “Feature based Classification and Early Detection of Breast Cancer in mammogram Images” has been presented in the International Conference on Emerging trends in Engineering and Technology held at Bengaluru, India on 17th May 2015
  • Mrs.Varalatchoumy.M, “A Secure Mosaic Image Transmission by Reversible Integer Color Transformation Technique” has been presented in International Research Conference on Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering(IRCCSME) held at Bengaluru on 24th May 2015.
  • Mrs.Varalatchoumy.M and Dr.Ravishankar, “A Novel Approach Towards Detection and Identification of Stages of Breast Cancer” has been presented in Third international Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics(ICACNI’15), KIIT university, Orissa, India