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Yashaswini S

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer science

Research Area

  • NLP
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Image Processing


Yashaswini S, Presently Working as Assistant Professor in Department of CSE, Cambridge Institute of Technology, Bangalore, she is Having 9 years of Teaching Experience and almost 2 years of industrial experience She is Currently pursuing her PhD in text to scenegeneration under VTU Belagavi.

she has published many research papers in international journal, international conference and national conference papers, she has proactively Participated in many FDP’S and workshop, as a part of industrial interaction has participated FDP on “Business Process Modelling Tools and Process Model” at J.P. Morgan PVT LTD and “Cyber Forensic workshop at NCS” at Nihon Communications PVT LTD. Her Areas of Interests include Digital Image Processing, NLP, Machine Learning, Computer Networks , cloud computing, and Information Security.

She has also completed the online certifications on cutting edge technology, IITB course on mooodle, drupal and actively Mentored student groups in Samsung Prism research projects, INBCB seedbrains e to propose new ideas and methodology for CIRCC incubation center.

Academic Degrees

  • Mtech, Software Engineering, MSRIT, Bengaluru,2012
  • B.E , Information Science, NIE, Mysore,2010



1)      06.04.2020 – “Emotional Well Being” by  Dr. Surbhi

2)       14.04.2020 – “Health and You” by Dr. Nishant

3)       15.04.2020 – “Training for Editing and Publishing on YouTube” by Mr. Srinidhi and Mr. Jellin

4)       22.04.2020 – “The Engine of Innovation” by Dr. Abraham Zubin, Trane Technologies

5)       23.04.2020 – “Counselling Support to Students” by Ms. Suk Mishraa, Peer Coaching India

6)       24.04.2020 – “Workshop on Creating Video Lecture” by Dr. Satyanarayan Reddy

7)   22.05.2020 and 23.05.2020 – FDP – IoT and Cyber Security – an Industry Perspective –  Organized by Dept. of Computer Science and Engg., Cambridge Institute of Technology, Bangalore

8)       30.04.2020 – IIC Online Session – “Hangout with Emerging Innovator and Entrepreneur” by Ms. Vandana Thakur and Mr. Amit Lokhande

9)       30.04.2020 – IIC Online Session – “Role and Importance of Pre-Incubators, Incubators and Accelerators in HEIs” by Prof. Muthu Singaram, IIT

10)       04.05.2020 – IIC Online Session – Hangout with Successful Startup Founder and Learn Design thinking Approach for Hardware Innovation

11)   05-05-2020 – IIC Online Session – Entrepreneurship, Business Idea, and Business Model Canvas

12)   6.05.2020 – IIC Online Session – How to Identify Right Problems and Solution using the Double Diamond

13)   07.05.2020 – IIC Online – Session 8 : Intellectual Property (IP) Management at Early Stage of Innovation and Start-ups

14)   08.05.2020 – IIC On line Session 9 – Understanding Angel and Venture Capital Funding

15)   12.05.2020 – IIC On line Session 10 – Legal and Ethical Steps – Productive Entrepreneurship and StartUp

16)   13.05.2020 –  IIC On line Session 11 – Innovating Self Screen and Identify Right Opportunities

17)    14.05.2020 – IIC On line Session 12 – Understanding Role and Application of Marketing Research at Idea to Startup Stage – Foundation Level 1 of 2 by Dr. Preet Deep Singh, AVP, Invest India

18)    15.05.2020– IIC Online Session 13 – Innovation Risk Diagnostic – Product Innovation Rubric (PIR)

19)    19.05.2020 – IIC On line Session 14 – Idea, Entrepreneurship Opportunities Business Model and Business Plan

20)   19.05.2020 – IIC On line Session 15 – Use of Market Data, Application of Marketing Research Tools and Methodology

21)   19.05.2020 – IIC On line Session 16 – Frugal Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

22)    22.05.2020 – IIC Online Session 17 -Interaction with Student Innovators and Entrepreneurs Emerged from Smart India Hackathon (SIH)

Awards & Honors

Best Paper award for “Orientational Aspects of Objects in Text to 3D Scene Generation for Interior Designing” in First International Conference on Emerging Trends and Challenges in Applied Science, Engineering and Technology-2020 (ICECAT -2020)


  • Yashaswini S “Design And Development of Plug-in in Virtual Network For Datacenter Analysis”, International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology(ICCSIT-2012) , Coimbatore , April,2012.
  • Yashaswini S “ Design And Development Of Datacenter Analysis Plug-in in Virtual Network” in National Conference on Recent Advances In Technology And Engineering (RATE 2012)  TJIT, Bangalore, 2012.
  • Suhasini S ,Yashaswini S, “Load Balancing Using Threshold And Ant Colony Optimization In Cloud Computing,  International Conference on Cloud Computing Computer Science And Advances In Information Technology- ICCCCIT Volume 1,ISSUE-1, 66-7,ISSN(PRINT): 2454-406,2016
  • Suhasini S Yashaswini S , “Web service server that extracts data about various countries using a WSDL-based SOAP web service”, 13th International Conference on Cloud Computing Computer Science And Advances In Information Technology-Volume 2, issue 1,1-5, ijaepsit,2016
  • Shylaja S S Yashaswini S , “orientational Aspects of objects in Text to 3D Scene Generation for interior designing” , ICECAT, Volume 1,Issue 01, 65-69,2020
  • S S Shylaja Yashaswini S , “Story Telling: Learning to visualize sentences through generated scenes”, Volume 2, International Conference on Computer Vision and Robotics (CVR 2022)