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Dr.Suma S P

Professor  & HoD

Department of Mathematics

Research Area

  • Fluid Mechanics


Dr. Suma S P  is a Professor and head of the  Department of Mathematics in Cambridge Institute of Technology. She earned her Ph.D in Mathematics at Bangalore University. Her dissertation is on Rayleigh-Benard and Marangoni convection with and without throughflow. 

After the completion of her Ph.D. (2001), she worked at New Horizon college of Engineering, before joining the Cambridge Institute of Technology  in 2014. Her main area of research is convection.  Published several papers in International journals. She also has written text books on Engineering Mathematics.

She holds a B.Sc degree in PCM and an M.Sc degree in Mathematics from the Bangalore University ,and completed Ph.D under Bangalore University in 2001. She has participated in various workshops and faculty development  programs held by various colleges.

She has around 26 years of teaching experience and is associated with Cambridge Institute of Technology from 2014.

She has guided four  students for Ph. D. Degree and two students  are pursuing  research under her guidance at VTU.

Academic Degrees

  • Completed Ph.D., Bangalore University, 2001
  • M.Sc, Mathematics, Bangalore University, 1993
  • B.Sc., PCM, Bangalore University, 1991

Awards and Honors

  • Recipient of “President of India” award for the best research paper presented at 42nd ISTAM conference held at South Gujarat University, Surat during Dec. 1998.
  • “International women’s day award-2020 “ in recognition of exemplary achievements and contribution to the humankind, Cambridge institute of technology, Bangalore.



  • “COVID -19 Pandemic management in current and post scenario” by Dr. Giridhara Upadhyaya,Professor in Microbiology, KIMS, Bangalore


  • National Webinar on “Two Dimensional Materials for Diverse Applications” on 23rd May 2020 by Pratap Vishnoi, Materials Research Laboratory, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.
  • Attended webinar on “Fluid dynamics and its application” on 28 and 29th May 2020, organised by Govt. First grade college, Vijayanagar, Bangalore.
  • Attended webinar on “Vedic Mathematics, Aptitude and Logical Reasoning” on 29th June 2020, organised through Department of Basic Sciences, Cambridge Institute of Technology.
  • Attended webinar on “Cancer in female: Awareness, Screening and Prevention” held on 17th June 2020 at Cambridge Institute of Technology, Bengaluru.


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